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We’re proud to be able to provide Contractors, Builders ,Designers and homeowners with amazing low prices on granite and quartz from around the world.

We have been in business for over 11 years. Kingdom Stone Inc. is known for its extensive and diverse selection: from granite & Quartz Kitchen countertops, vanities and bar tops.

Kingdom Stone Inc Strive to always satisfy our customers with high standards and quality. Only superior and beautiful stones are used.


Our Company Employees believe that their corporate goals can best be realized by providing top-quality products, competitive prices and an exceptional level of services to all of our customers. Kingdom stone is looking forward to doing business with you as we guarantee to deliver outstanding service to all of our customers regardless how big or small the job.

Please feel free to contact us as to inquire about any questions that you may have. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns

At Kingdom Stone we strive to give you, our customer, precisely what they ask at a fair price. Every seam location and edge design is crafted with immaculate detailing. From stone selection to installation, our production stages ensure attention to detail – even to the last inch!

Renowned Excelence

Since 2001, Kingdom Stone Inc, has been designing and manufacturing an extensive line of top quality countertops for customers all over Ontario.
Everyone at Kingdom Stone Inc. shares a commitment to excellence, including leading the industry with the highest quality products and designs.

Kingdom Stone Inc. strives to provide excellent customer service, outstanding quality workmanship, and superb value. Our Stone products are subject through quality inspection before leaving our plant, ensuring a top quality product to every client.

we take pride in our employees, our products, and our company. That’s all part of Kingdom Stone Inc. difference!


Natural Perfection

Granite is now the most popular choice when decorating kitchens and bathrooms. Its natural beauty and everlasting durability make it the best choice for a countertop surface. Why is granite the natural choice?

Unique – no two pieces are ever the same.

Scratch resistant – among the hardest materials on earth.

Stain resistant – low absorption rate.

Heat resistant – unlikely to burn o scorch.

Clean – more bacteria resistan than laminate, plastic, concrete, tile and wood.

Investment – will increase the value of your home.

Everlasting – will maintain its natural beauty forever.


Achieving Extravagance

Kingdoms Stone Inc. prides itself on offering a hassle-free experience and a superior product. To ensue you absolutely love your new countertop, we are proud to offer:

Our ‘Quarry’ – the largest selection of granite & quartz in Naples – no traveling to other cities to pick slabs.

Exclusive material selection – the slabs you pick are only for you

1 ¼” (3cm) thick slabs – stringer than ¾(2cm) and no seam on the front edge.

Great selection of edge profiles – from basic to exquisite providing the look you want.

Digital templating – computerized measuring means no mess in your home and a perfect fit.

Computerized machining – a crisp, clean edge.

PRO Team installation – by trained professionals.


Engineered Elegance

n-made quartz countertops have skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade. Containing quartzite, the hardest parts of granite, quartz is manufactured by several companies in a staggering range of colours and styles. Extremely durable, heat and stain resistant is a popular choice amongst designers because of its consistency from slab to slab.


Sharing many of the characteristics of granite, the everlasting beauty fo quartz will ensue your satisfaction for years to come making this the last countertop you’ll ever need to buy.

Kingdom Stone Inc. carries many of the most popular brand name quartz products available in the marketplace. Come see the largest selection of quartz colours under one roof at our dazzling showroom today, you’ll be glad you did.



Is to handle all relationships with integrity, support our company




Our core values are:

· Natural desire to exceed expectations

· Integrity and Loyalty in all of our relationships

· Quality materials and Service at a fair price

· Unparalleled selection

· Unparalleled Services

· Equality and empowerment of our team

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