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The materials of the kitchen countertop are very beautiful and perfect, but without due and cautious manufacturing this beautiful material may be lost, that is why it counts on our team of experts, who will make your material a work of art that It will last for years and years.

Our goal is: Design and manufacture with special attention to every detail to provide the best. Not only to offer something aesthetic but also to provide something lasting.

The olishers grind the naturally rough surface of the stone to any finish that the consumer desires. Hard stones such as marble and granite can be polished to the finish of a mirror. The polisher consists of rotating pads that are covered with an abrasive substance, which will leave your material as you dreamed it.

The finer and smaller the abrasive grains, the greater the polishing. Most modern polishers can produce a variety of finishes, from the smooth and smooth appearance of a polished finish to a polished and glossy mirror finish, including decorative finishes such as flaming, tumbling or hammered.

Routers create edge profiles on a slab and cut designs into larger pieces like chimneys and hearths. There are dozens of standard edges for countertops and tables, from simple to highly decorative. The routers have a rotating blade covered with diamonds that is cooled with water. Travel along the edge of the slab to shape it.

In the past, these machines were operated by hand or had some limited automatic function. The time needed to create a finished countertop was significant. A countertop with a complex edge profile may take three weeks or more.

Manufacturing is the sequence of events in which the natural stone from the quarry to the home has not changed much since the stone entered the homes of the ancient Greeks. Large blocks of stone are cut from the quarry. From these blocks, thin pieces of stone called slabs are cut. Then, the plates are molded, polished and sent for installation.

Saws perform various functions during manufacturing. A block saw, or band saw, cuts blocks of solid block stone. These days, diamond saws do the short work of this task. A metal cable is covered with industrial-grade or synthetic diamonds, and this cable cuts through the stone as hard as granite. Then a bridge saw is used to cut the stone slab in the proper way for its application, be it a countertop or a sink. These saws usually use circular metal blades with diamonds, and water is sprinkled on the blade to cool it during the cutting process. Modern technology has produced a new type of saw that uses water jets combined with an abrasive material, which cuts edges and holes quickly and without problems, and many manufacturers are upgrading to these machines.

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